Better You

Magnesium Gel


Suitable for Vegetarians


Better You Magnesium Gel is a skin essential mineral gel that has quick absorption for relaxing muscle and joint stiffness.

Magnesium Gel will undoubtedly be your go-to-product for discomforts such as cramping, joint stiffness and muscle tension. Using a transdermal delivery, which means through the skin, is the most effective form of magnesium delivery. This means the effects can be felt faster and directed to where they are needed the most. Without magnesium, our bodies become less flexible over time and its deficiency is linked with a few other health problems such as migraines, anxiety, depression and extreme fatigue. Make yourself a BetterYou, use this superior magnesium absorption gel as a topical treatment.

Benefits of Magnesium Gel:

  • Quickly absorbed and fast acting
  • Soothes joint stiffness, muscle cramps and tension
  • Improves flexibility , joint and muscle health
  • Suitable during pregnancy and for children, vegetarians and vegans

Directions: Apply a small amount of magnesium gel onto the affected area and massage into your skin. Reapply whenever you need to. For the best result, make sure your skin is clean and avoid delicate areas such as around the eyes. You are likely to experience a tingling sensation when applying the gel which is completely natural and indicates the fast absorption through the pores of your skin, with regular use it will pass. You may rinse or towel off the area after massaging it in, if necessary.

Concentrated solution of ancient Zechstein Inside Magnesium Chloride (30%), Hydroxyl propyl starch phosphate, 100% natural magnesium source, officially approved by the vegetarian society.

Product Code: BYU0042


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