With a distinctive lemon sherbet-like aroma, Natural By Nature Lemongrass Oil helps heal acne, warts and Athlete’s foot when applied topically; and when vapourised, may prevent respiratory infections while easing sore throats, Laryngitis and mental fatigue.

The Cital and Limonene content in Lemongrass Oil can eliminate bacteria, helping to avoid infections like Athlete's foot, while helping to treat warts and acne. It can also be helpful

in preventing respiratory infections, sore throats and Laryngitis – as well as for relieving headaches and mental fatigue.

In the bath and shower: add five drops to sufficient bath, gel or carrier oil. For children over two years of age, use two drops with a sufficient amount of bath or carrier oil.

Inhalation: add four to six drops of Lemongrass Oil to a bowl of steaming water, place a towel over your head and breathe to clear your head and nose.

Massage: for adults, use 15 drops with approximately two tablespoons of carrier oil. For children over two, use six drops of Ginger Oil in the same amount of carrier oil.

Diffusers and burners: use one to three drops to energise and uplift your mood.

100% Pure Lemongrass Oil

Product Code: NBN2978