A. Vogel

Ivy Thyme Complex (Bronchoforce)


Suitable for Vegetarians


A.Vogel Ivy Thyme Complex, now known as Bronchoforce, helps to relieve coughs easing breathing.

The expectorants in Ivy-Thyme Complex reduce the viscosity of mucus, loosening the irritant from the respiratory tract and aiding its removal. Ivy has an expectorant action due to its saponin constituents whilst Thyme contains volatile oils which work to relax the bronchial spasm and decrease the thickness of mucus helping to ease breathing. These actions are of benefit for hacking coughs and catarrh. Liquorice works to calm down the coughing reflex as well as reducing spasms in the chest.

Benefits of Bronchoforce Chesty Cough:

  • Herbal remedy for chesty or mucus cough
  • Helps the body expel mucus or catarrh from the chest
  • Made from freshly harvested Ivy and Thyme
  • Contains Liquorice root

Our in house phamacist has written an article about Ivy Thyme Complex:

Dosage: Adults and Children over 12, take 15-20 drops of Ivy Thyme Complex three times daily. Children (2-12 years): Take 1 drop of Ivy Thyme Complex per year of age 2 or 3 times daily in a little water.

Side Effects: Not recommended whilst pregnant or breast feeding. Please consult your GP if one blood pressure medication. This product is not recommended for children under 2 years of age.

1ml of oral liquid contains the tinctures of: Fresh Ivy herb 376mg, Fresh Thyme herb 329mg, Liquorice Root 234mg. 1ml of Bronchoforce is equivalent to 38drops.

Product Code: VOG0516


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