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Heated Eye Wand



Peep Club Heated Eye Wand is a wonderful at-home eye treatment to soothe, hydrate and restore dry, tired eyes - "like a hot stone massage for your eyes", this heated facial tool is the warming compress our over-worked eyes need.

Peep Club Eye Wand is an innovative device that  may be used as a treatment for dry eyes and helps to gently unblock the tiny glands that line your upper and lower lid - a leading cause of dry eyes symptoms such as redness, itchiness, over watering and a tired, heavy feeling. The Eye Wand head can be set to between 37C and 45C and heats up in under 60 seconds. The warmth helps your eyes to produce better quality tears and stay naturally hydrated all day while the gentle massage feature increases circulation to the area to promote lymphatic drainage to reduce puffy eyelids. A clever red LED light, based on NASA demonstrated science, works to promote collagen and elastin to smooth out and rejuvenate fine lines and wrinkles. 

Both the eye massager and the LED light features can be turned on and off independently during use so that you can adapt the device to your preferences

USB charger included (needs to be charged once per month if used every day). 

How to use: 

  1. Remove contact lenses before use
  2. Gently pat a pea-sized amount of our Soothing Coconut Eye Balm around your eye area using a clean finger or one of Peep Club's Reusable Velvet Bamboo Pads. You can also use your favourite under eye cream or serum - the device will actually increase the efficacy and penetration of this product. 
  3. Heat-up your wand to 37-42C (this should take about 1 minute). Add the massage function to start your Dry Eye treatment. 
  4. Gently run the wand along your lower lid (below your eyelashes) starting with the inner corner of your eye and very slowly working your way to the outer corner of your eye. The slower the better - to give the heat enough time to work. One run from inner to outer corner should take 15 seconds. Repeat this motion for at least 60 seconds (please do not use the wand for longer than 60 seconds on any area). 
  5. Repeat the process for your upper lid (just above your eyelashes). Keep your eyes closed throughout. 
  6. Add the LED light function to start your cosmetic treatment. Use the LED light around any fine lines under your eyes or on the sides of your eyes with your eyes closed. also suitable to be used on smile and frown lines. DO NOT USE THE LED LIGHT ON YOUR UPPER OR LOWER EYELID - KEEP AT LEAST 1.5CM AWAY FROM YOUR EYELASHES. 
  7. Repeat on the other eye. 

For best results, use every morning. Can also be used morning and evening or as often as required. Please store your Peep Club Heated Eye Wand above 5C.


Q: Is it normal for my eyes to water when using the wand?

A: The watering of the eyes is very normal - most people using the wand will experience watering in either one or both eyes - it is actually a good sign although can be a little unnerving!

Q: Is it normal for my eyes to twitch after/ during using the wand?

A:This is likely due to the massage feature of the wand which may have caused a minor reflex of one of your eye muscles. A twitch tends to be the eye muscles around the eye contracting - just like how after the first run in a while some people might find their calf twitching a little bit. It is nothing to be worried about and it should subside by itself - the muscle has likely just been stimulated by the wand. It is very likely that as the muscles get used to the massage this happens less frequently and ultimately stops happening all together - but of course, it might happen a few more times. If you are finding it very irritating it is probably best to discontinue use.

Q: Can I use the wand after cataract surgery?

A:If it has been more than 6 months post-cataract surgery and you have been fully discharged from hospital then it should be fine to use the wand. But we would always advise you ask your Optometrist if you are at all concerned as all eyes are unique!

Q: Can I use the wand after glaucoma surgery?

A:If it has been more than 12 months post-glaucoma surgery and you have been fully discharged from hospital then it should be fine to use the wand. But we would always advise you ask your Optometrist if you are at all concerned as all eyes are unique!

Q: Can you send me a larger print manual 

A: Please contact the customer care team to request

Q: How long should it take the wand to charge

A: The wand should go from no charge to fully charged after 1 night of charging. However, we really advise that you never let the wand go completely flat as this is not great for the battery. It is better to always keep your wand at full charge (which should only take a few hours of charging every week but may need charging more frequently eg every day after you have had it for 1 year - this is the same with most electrical goods eg electric toothbrushes). 

Q: What is the lifespan of the wand

A:The wand should last 2-4 years before needing replacement. It is under warranty for 1 full year after purchase. You may start to notice the wand will still work but does not perform as well after 3-4 years when it is due an upgrade. 

Q: Is a nickel free wand available?

A: We are working on it! Likely available in early 2022. 

Q: My wand isn't turning on 

A: The on button can be quite stiff when the wand first arrives. We advise trying a few times to turn it on and holding down the on button. Also perhaps asking someone to help you. It will get easier as the on button loosens up through regular use. 

Q: Does the wand come with a charger

A:Yes, the wand comes with a USB A charging cable  - we do have many customers from the US or overseas and their feedback is that it works well with existing USB A adaptor plugs that they have available in their country


DO NOT USE IF: You are allergic to Nickel.

CONSULT YOUR DR IF: You are epileptic, photophobic or light sensitive, if you are pregnant or have had skin cancer in the last 12 months.

Please wait 2 weeks before using the wand after any cosmetic treatments. 


Product Code: PEC0001

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