Fat Burners

Whilst many people choose to lose weight, what they do want to lose is fat. When we choose to burn excess fat, we need to reduce our calorie intake so that the body can tap into our excess fat into calories to fuel the body.

Fat burners are usually supplements providing a range of different vitamins and herbs such as green tea, chromium and caffeine that when combined, work together to help stimulate metabolism, increase energy levels by burning fat and suppress the appetite.

Most fat burners are natural with no side effects and are meant to be taken alongside lifestyle changes such as a healthy diet and exercise which should help to achieve your weight loss goals.

Do fat burners work?

The most popular natural fat burners often include:

Caffeine works to enhance our metabolism and studies indicate that it increases the metabolic rate in both normal weight and obese individuals.

Green Tea contains thermogenic compounds called catechins which encourage the body to burn more fat.

L-Carnitine transports body fat to be used for fuel and energy. L-Carnitine has been shown to be useful for both short as well as long term weight loss goals.

Guarana naturally contains caffeine and other thermogenic stimulatory chemicals including catechins which have been shown to display thermogenic properties, increase calorie burning and prevent fat deposition.

Fat burners definitely enhance calorie burning for energy and when used alongside a healthy diet may help you to reach your desired weight. Choose the right fat burning supplement for your needs.



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