GOPO Joint Health

750mg 120-Capsules


GOPO Joint Health capsules, formerly Litozin GOPO, contains GOPO, a patented glycoside from rosehip used to maintain joint health and flexibility.

What is GOPO?

GOPO® Joint Health is made from 100% specially cultivated natural rosehip and is the only product of its kind to contain a high level of GOPO® - a key component of the rose-hip which may play a valuable role in the care of joints and joint tissues.

GOPO® was discovered over 20 years ago in Denmark and significant levels can only be obtained if the rosehips are dried using a special patented process. GOPO® has been available in Denmark for over ten years and has been the subject of several scientific studies.

GOPO can be used in conjunction with other joint supplements such as glucosamine, a long term repairer of joint tissues, and with other medications.

Benefits of GOPO Joint Health:

  • Made from 100% natural rose-hip
  • Contains high level of GOPO®
  • Rich in Vitamin C which is essential for normal collagen formation, needed by the body for healthy bones and cartilage
  • Free from yeast, gluten, wheat, dairy and lactose
  • Contains no GM ingredients
  • Is a non-allergen
  • Does not contain shellfish
  • Is suitable for people with diabetes
  • No known side effects

Dosage: Take two capsules of GOPO Joint Health three times daily.


GOPO Joint Health Side Effects: None noted


Rose-hip, gelatin, vitamin C (sodium ascorbate).


Product Code: GRL0893

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