Femarelle®, endorsed by leading gynecologists around the world, provides safe and effective non-hormonal options for the management of the menopause journey. Femarelle®, tablets are backed by strong science, published in leading journals and sales of millions of units to date, every woman deserves to receive support through the changes we go through so as to enjoy better quality of life without any concerns.

Suffering from symptoms associated with estrogen decline? Just as every woman is different, so is your experience with symptoms throughout the different stages of estrogen decline. Women’s quality of life may actually be affected before menopause and prevail long after menopause. That’s why Femarelle® has designed a line of products that address your specific needs.

Femarelle® Recharge targets symptoms of menopause, Femarelle® Rejuvenate for the perimenopause, and Femarelle® Unstoppable for healthy ageing during post menopause.