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Dr Stuarts Echinacea Plus tea helps support your immune system with refreshing Echinacea & Peppermint. 

Dr Stuarts Echinacea tea is made with an extremely high essential oil content that only Dr Stuart's are prepared to adhere to; this restorative immune enhancing tea contains a blend of Echinacea, Peppermint, Blackberry Leaf and Orange. 

Echinacea tea benefits the body by bolstering your immune system and supporting the body during colds and flu. Dr Stuarts echinacea tea bags are fully compostable. Discover more Dr Stuart’s Teas here

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Rosehip shells, Hibiscus flowers (34%), Peppermint (18%), Echinacea herb (5%), Blackberry leaves, Natural strawberry flavour, Natural orange flavour.

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