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Clove Leaf Oil



With its distinctive hot and spicy aroma, Natural By Nature Clove Leaf Oil can be used to relieve wounds, cuts, fungal infections, acne, athlete's foot and toothache. Clove Leaf Oil displays the same benefits as Clove Bud Oil but is milder in scent and smell.

Often recommended for those with acne, Clove Leaf Oil contains Eugenol and small amounts of Eugenol acetate. Clove Oil's antiseptic properties also make it a well-known remedy for toothache, infections, Athlete’s Foot and warts. It even makes for a fantastic natural insect repellent.

In the bath and shower: add five drops of clove oil to sufficient bath, gel or carrier oil. For children over two years of age, use two drops with a sufficient amount of bath or carrier oil.

Inhalation: add four to six drops of Clove Leaf Oil to a bowl of steaming water, place a towel over your head and breathe to clear your head and nose.

Massage: for adults, use 15 drops with approximately two tablespoons of carrier oil. For children over two, use six drops of Ginger Oil in the same amount of carrier oil.

Diffusers and burners: use one to three drops to energise and uplift your mood.

100% Pure Clove Leaf Oil

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