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Clinisept+ Podiatry spray, 250ml, is a next-generation foot spray with hypochlorous solution to cleanse, deodorises, and provides exceptional microbial control without stinging or causing skin irritation. Featuring a trigger spray, Clinisept+ Podiatry Antimicrobial Foot Spray, 250ml, can be sprayed directly onto the intended area, which can provide high levels of microbial control to particularly sensitive areas during podiatric procedures where application with a gauze may cause added sensitivity to the procedure site. For daily preventative & treatment, Clinisept foot spray may be used for athlete's foot or as an antibacterial foot spray helping to banish foot odour.

Clinisept+ foot spray applies the latest antimicrobial hypochlorous technology to maintain optimal hygiene during any podiatry procedure. It also soothes and calms the skin, reduces redness and provides ideal conditions for rapid skin recovery – without stinging or irritation. It is non-sensitising and leaves no residue or chemical burden. 

This antifungal foot spray with antimicrobial properties can be used before, during and after a podiatry procedure, or for the purpose of daily foot care by podiatry patients. Clinisept+’s advanced hypochlorous formula cools and calms the skin and reduces the appearance of redness and inflammation. It is suitable for use in all lower limb applications and for use by those who are prone to athlete’s foot.

What makes Clinisept+ Podiatry unique?

Used and endorsed by leading UK podiatrists, Clinisept+ Podiatry takes a completely different approach to traditional skin cleansing chemistries, which often use harsh chemicals to clean the skin. It contains a pure hypochlorous solution which replicates the chemistry of the human immune system and which contains 99% water. This enables it to provide highly effective skin cleaning without causing any toxicity or leaving any residue or chemical burden. Because of its skin compatibility, Clinisept+ reduces the appearance of redness and swelling and forms the optimum environment for healthy skin to flourish. The combination of hygiene and skin compatibility, including a skin neutral pH, reduces the appearance of redness and swelling and forms the optimum environment for healthy skin to flourish. If your feet are less than happy, or if your toes are itching or sensitive, Clinisept+ could bring you welcome relief. Simply spray onto the feet twice a day - after showering in the morning and before you go to bed at night.

Clinisept+ Podiatry does not contain alcohol or chlorhexidine and it is suitable for use by those prone to Athlete’s foot, a common fungal condition, as well as eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. It can also be used by diabetics and is deodorising too. Clinisept+ is well proven and offers significant advantages in clinical environments which we are now able to experience at home.

Clinisept+ Podiatry Benefits:

  • Delivers powerful cleansing and antimicrobial protection, but is also soothing and calming to irritated skin.
  • In addition to professional use in clinic, Clinisept+ Podiatry is safe and easy to use at home. It can be used either following a procedure to aid recovery, or as part of a daily foot hygiene regime.
  • It is clinically formulated and dermatologically tested to guarantee its safety on even the most sensitive skin. It doesn’t harm, irritate or sensitise the dermal layer, and leaves no residue or chemical burden.
  • Can be especially helpful where patient foot health would simply benefit from better cleanliness and microbial control.
  • Clinisept+ Podiatry is recommended for use before, during and after a podiatry procedure.
  • As a pre-treatment skin cleanser it deodorises and ensures highly effective microbial control.
  • Due to its skin neutral pH and gentle oxidising action it can also be used to maintain effective hygiene during and after a procedure without causing irritation.
  • In post treatment applications it keeps the skin clean and provides the optimum conditions for natural healing to occur.
  • Clinisept+ Podiatry is recommended for all post treatment recovery, daily foot hygiene and resolution of sore/irritated feet. It is suitable for use by those prone to athlete’s foot, eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis; also suitable for use by diabetics.
  • Clinisept+ is hypoallergenic, non-cytotoxic and non-irritating.

Our In-House pharmacist has written three articles about Clinisept+ Podiatry:

How to use: Clinisept+ Podiatry should be applied by either spraying directly onto the skin or by wiping on with a gauze or cleansing pad. Ensure the skin is thoroughly wetted. Once applied, Clinisept+ Podiatry leaves no residue. It can be left to dry naturally or absorbed with a gauze or cleansing pad. 

  • Prior to any podiatry treatment - apply Clinisept+ podiatry onto clean feet to deliver optimal pre-procedure hygiene and antimicrobial protection. Clinisept+ Podiatry is also an effective deodoriser.
  • Procedure - unlike traditional antimicrobials Clinisept+ Podiatry may also be used during a podiatry treatment to cool and calm the skin, minimise the appearance of redness, soothe irritation and promote rapid recovery.
  • When used as aftercare, Clinisept+ Podiatry provides the perfect  environment for skin to heal rapidly. For optimum results apply 2-3 times a day.

For maximum care of recovering or irritated skin and promote optimal foot health, spray regularly with Clinisept+ or soak a gauze or pad with Clinisept+ and leave to soak on the affected area for five to ten minutes. Repeat as necessary.

For external use only. Clinisept+ should be stored out of the reach of children and away from direct sunlight. If you wish to enhance its cooling sensation it can be kept in the fridge if desired.  Avoid contact with eyes.  In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. 

Hypochlorous Acid, Aqua, Phosphoric Acid. Clinisept+ Podiatry is a high purity hypochlorous solution manufactured to GMP ISO 22716.

How should the Clinisept+ Podiatry Cleansing Antimicrobial Foot Care Spray be used? 
Clinisept+ Podiatry should be applied two to three times a day until the treated area has completely recovered. It can be applied by spraying directly onto the skin or by soaking a cotton pad or piece of gauze and wiping it onto the skin.

What is the active ingredient in Clinisept+?
The active ingredient in Clinisept+ is sodium hypochlorite. A patent pending chemical process is used to trigger a chemical reaction which converts the hypochlorite into an ultra-pure, stabilised hypochlorous solution. In fact, Clinisept+ has been proven to contain more than 90% pure hypochlorous – far exceeding the purity of any competitor product claiming to contain hypochlorous.

What is hypochlorous?
Hypochlorous is the same chemistry that powers the human immune system. It is produced by the white blood cells in the body to combat infection and is widely acknowledged as the most effective disinfection agent known, owing to its ability to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.

How can Clinisept+ be so effective and yet safe to human skin?
Clinisept+ is so effective because of the high purity of the hypochlorous content. Despite its efficacy, hypochlorous is not absorbed by human skin cells. Clinisept+ hypochlorous technology has a skin neutral pH and contains no alcohol, petroleum, lanolin, oils or parabens. It is non-toxic and non-irritant to human skin and is even non-cytotoxic to human skin cells.

Why does Clinisept+ smell like swimming pools?
Clinisept+ is a highly stable, high-purity, nature-replicating hypochlorous chemistry—nothing more, nothing less. You may find it has a mild smell of swimming pools when first applied. This is because that is how pure hypochlorous smells. Clinisept+ Podiatry has no fragrance to ensure the purity of the hypochlorous and to avoid irritation for sensitive skin.

What cautions apply to Clinisept+?
Clinisept+ products are very safe to use and have been proven non-toxic, non-mutagenic, non-irritant to skin and non-irritant to eyes. Always follow the instructions for usage on the bottle and keep out of the reach of children.

What are the benefits of Clinisept+ in podiatry applications?
Clinisept+ provides several benefits over traditional skin cleansing chemistries in podiatry applications. As well as delivering highly effective cleansing due to its excellent antimicrobial efficacy, Clinisept+ is gentle on the skin and doesn’t sting or cause irritation. Because of it’s skin neutral pH it can also be used during a procedure to keep the area clean.

Is Clinisept+ safe for use on children?
Clinisept+ is pH neutral, non-cytotoxic, hypoallergenic and paediatrician tested however we do not recommend the use of skin topicals on children under the age of 3. If you wish to use Clinisept+ on very young children we advise testing sensitivity with a patch test and discontinuing use if a reaction occurs.

Are there any contraindications when using Clinisept+?
No. Clinisept+ has been subjected to comprehensive dermatological testing and has been found to cause no contraindications.

How can Clinisept+ be gentle on the skin when it contains Phosphoric Acid?
Phosphoric acid is used in the manufacturing process to form the hypochlorous in Clinisept+. This process produces a solution with a pH that matches that of human skin and which is far less acidic than most carbonated soft drinks.

How should I store Clinisept+?
Clinisept+ should be stored out of the reach of children and away from direct sunlight. If you wish to enhance its cooling sensation it can be kept in the fridge if desired.

How should I dispose of Clinisept+?
Clinisept+ is safe for drain disposal. All Clinisept+ bottles are 95% recyclable including the delivery box and outer packaging bottle. Before recycling the bottle please discard the pump.

Where is Clinisept+ manufactured?
Clinisept+ is proudly made in the UK in a dedicated facility under ISO 13485 Medical Device and ISO 22716 GMP accreditation.

How should I use Clinisept+ at home?
You may have been recommended to use Clinisept+ by your podiatrist or chiropodist. If so, follow their recommendations on usage. You may also wish to use Clinisept+ as part of your daily foot hygiene regime. In this instance, we recommend it is applied after showering or bathing by spraying directly onto the toes and feet. Once applied, either allow to dry naturally or wait for a minute and then wipe any excess off with a clean tissue or paper towel.

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