BergaMet Pro +


Suitable for Vegetarians


BergaMet Pro +, formerly Bergamet Mega, tablets contain citrus bergamot extract from the Calabrian Citrus Bergamot fruit to help lower your cholesterol and triglycerides down to within normal limits naturally and without side effects. Ongoing studies indicate that bergamot citrus fruit, used in Earl Grey tea, helps to reduce high cholesterol levels as well as having numerous other benefits.

BergaMet, from Calabrian Citrus Bergamot, represents an efficient nutritional approach to maintaining healthy cholesterol and supporting cardiovascular health.

  • Rich in antioxidants, formulated for cardiovascular health
  • May support weight management programs in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise
  • Used by experts as part of a dietary management program to maintain healthy cholesterol and blood glucose levels.
  • 47% polyphenols unlike many other brands with much lower levels.

A double blind placebo clinical trial conducted at the Dept of Cardiology of the University of Rome " Tor Vergata " and at the Vascular Medicine and Artherosclerosis Unit Cardiology, Villa Salus Medical Center, Marinella on 237 patients produced the following conclusion.

  • Bergamot could be an effective nutraceutical approach to support cardiovascular health.

Find out more about Bergamet Mega in Shabir Daya's (Victoria Health's pharmacist) article

Dosage: Take one tablet twice daily, 20-30 minutes before the two main meals. It is extremely important to take Bergamet before meals.


Do not take Bergamet during pregnancy or when lactating.


Two tablets contain: 400mg Citrus aurantium fruit extract-bergamot, 25mg Vitamin C, 50mg Alpha Lipoic Acid, 100mg Olea Europeae leaf extract, 200mg Chromium Picolinate, 15,56mg Zinc Citrate Dihydrate, 5,26mg Black Pepper


Product Code: BGM0001


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