Carraig Fhada

Atlantic Seaweed Bath


Suitable for Vegetarians


Atlantic Seaweed Bath draws on the age-old tradition of using the therapeutic power of marine plants to alleviate dry skin, relieve aches and pains – and promote body detoxification. 

Slip into a therapeutic bath in the comfort of your home; Atlantic Seaweed Bath is a natural product that’s high in Sulphur, Iodine (amber tint) and natural oils, along with Vitamins A and E.  

This product is a natural seaweed harvested from the Atlantic waters of the North-West costs of Ireland.  In capturing the seaweed there can be various elements of the sea that are with the seaweed.  It is also high in sulphur and iodine (amber tint) and rich in natural oils.  The white coating, which might have been present is sea salt.

Directions: Immerse the netted seaweed for 15 minutes in a container of hot water to allow rehydration of the seaweed. Add the contents of the container to your freshly run bath. Care should be taken with the netted seaweed as it may be hot in the centre. The seaweed is slippery once rehydrated so care should be taken when stepping in and out of your bath. Use the netted seaweed as a loofah or remove the seaweed from the net to have a more traditional experience. Remove the seaweed before empyting your bath. You may re-use the seaweed within 48 hours for a second bath. 

100% wild hand harvested Fucus serratus. The seaweed makes excellent compost after use.

Seek advice from a medical practitioner if you have a medical condition, are pregnant or breastfeeding or have any sea related allergies prior to using this product.

Product Code: CGF0001

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