Life Extension

Arthro-Immune Joint Support


Suitable for Vegetarians


Life Extension Arthro-Immune Joint System eases joint pain and flexibility for people with immune-related joint concerns. 

Degenerative inflammatory bone disease associated with the immune system offers few options in its treatment. Whilst effective at controlling the symptoms, certain drugs may produce life threatening side effects associated with the suppression of immunity.

Fortunately, a novel set of multi-targeted natural agents has been identified that can disrupt the inflammatory cascade as well as reduce joint pain, stiffness and the deterioration of cartilage.

Arthro-Immune Joint Support contains patented extracts of Andrographolides from the Asian herb Andrographis paniculata and curcuminoids from turmeric which have a multi-targeted, complementary actions that powerfully counter the inflammatory response. They work by suppressing pro-inflammatory cytokines, modulating the immune response, favorably modulating gene expression (activating the protective genes and switching off the destructive genes) and neutralising free radicals without any major side effects.

Directions:Take One Arthro-Immune capsule once or twice daily (6-8 hours apart) with food.


Do not take if you have gallbladder problems or gallstones or if you are taking anti-coagulants.


Serving Size 1 Capsule: Paractin (Bioactive 14-Ne0-Andro-Compound) patented blend of (Andrographis paniculata) extract (leaf) supplying Andrographolides, 14-Deoxyandrographolides, and Neoandrographolides 150mg, BCM-95 Bio-Curcumin 25:1 extract (root) std. to 95% Total Curcuminoids Complex with Essential Oils of Turmeric Rhizome by HPLC (237.5 mg) 250mg. Other ingredients: vegetable cellulose (capsule), rice flour, L-leucine, silica.


Product Code: LFX0029


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