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Vitex Agnus Castus (Alcohol Free)


Suitable for Vegetarians


Vitex Agnus Castus act has a calming and soothing effect. Relieves muscle cramps. Regulates and normalises hormone levels and menstrual cycles. Good for symptoms of PMS and menopause.Vitex agnus-castus tree is a shrub that grows in the Mediterranean and Central Asia. It is a dried fruit which has a pepper-like aroma and flavor, is used in herbal medicine preparations.

Benefits :

  • Alcohol free and gluten free
  • Supports female hormonal balance
  • Decreases symptoms of premenstual symptoms, acne, menopause & nursing difficulties

Dosage: One 1-2ml upto three times daily with water.


Side Effects: None Noted. Do not use if pregnant or nursing.


Natures Answer Vitex - Agnus Castus (Alcohol Free) Serving Size: 2 ml (approx. 56 drops). Servings Per Container: 15. Amount Per Serving: Chasteberry (Vitex agnus-castus) Fruit Extract 2,000 mg (2 g).


Product Code: NAA1978

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