Taurine is a non essential amino acid found naturally in the body and mainly in animal protein.  Taurine differs from most amino acids in that it is not fused to protein but naturally exists in the free form for ease of absorption. 

Benefits of Taurine Supplements: 

  • • Taurine can significantly help lower lipid levels in the body and thus help weight loss.
  • • Heart muscle tissue contains large levels of taurine. Taurine may regulate heart muscle contraction by retaining vital minerals and is thought to play a positive role in high blood pressure. 
  • • Taurine has been shown to help lower LDL levels in the body which is often referred to as "bad cholesterol"
  • • The most abundant amino acid in the eye, taurine protects the eyes from toxins and may be invaluable for preventing age-related eye concerns. 
  • • Taurine protects the liver from damage due to toxins and chemicals. 
  • • Taurine helps muscles work harder and for longer by reducing lactic acid levels during exercise. 

Taurine dosage range: 500-3000 mg per day

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