L-Methionine is an essential amino acid which cannot be synthesized in the body and so must be obtained from the diet or supplements.
L-Methionine helps prevent the accumulation of fat in the liver and is a good source of sulphur, which inactivates free radicals and helps prevent skin and nail problems. L-Methionine is thought to encourage hair growth, prevent hair loss, strengthen nails and may be invaluable as a detoxifying supplement. 
L-Methionine Benefits:
  • • L-Methionine inhibits the accumulation of fats in the liver and promotes bile which breaks down fats.
  • • L-Methionine is required to manufacture cysteine, a component of glutathione, a potent liver protective compound. 
  • • L-Methionine is converted into SAMe which aids detoxification within the body.
  • • L-Methionine may help with mood disorders.
  • • L-Methionine appears to be of great value in reducing the severity of allergic reactions.
  • • By removing excess oestrogen, l-methionine may help PMS and other female hormonal concerns.
L-Methionine dosage range: 500-1500 mg per day.