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14 x 18.5-ml Sachets

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Super Strength Collagen Zooki is a highly effective collagen supplement for skin & joints that delivers 11,000mg of Hydrolysed Marine Collagen and 40mg of Vitamin C which contributes to natural collagen formation for the normal function of skin, cartilage, bones, gums, and teeth. Super Strength Collagen Zooki collagen peptides supplement comes in an easy-to-take daily oral sachet and is infused with delicious cherry extracts for a perfectly sour and slightly sweet fruity flavour. Zooki uses natural lipids designed to shield, protect, and deliver collagen throughout digestion.

Discover the power of Collagen Zooki Super Strength Collagen, an exceptional liquid collagen supplement that is perfect for anyone looking to restore and maintain a young-looking, hydrated skin and healthy body.

Collagen Zooki high strength collagen is made using hydrolysed marine collagen, which is sustainably sourced from white fish—cod, to be specific. Marine collagen is rich in "Type 1" collagen, which is the most abundant form of collagen found within the body, and it is hydrolysed in order to help your body absorb the collagen.

Zooki Collagen is formulated with 11 grams of Hydrolysed Marine Collagen, enriched with Vitamin C, and up to 95% absorption, this collagen liquid is quickly absorbed by your body for maximum efficiency. Plus, there's no need to worry about any fishy taste—Zooki added delicious cherry extracts that will make taking care of your health and skin an enjoyable experience. Vitamin C plays a vital role in supporting normal collagen formation, potentially helping to improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Each box of Collagen Zooki contains 14 servings of this powerful liquid collagen supplement, providing you with long-lasting support for your overall health and wellbeing as well as boosting your everyday beauty routine from within.

Super Strength Collagen Zooki Benefits:

  • The highest-strength liquid marine collagen in the UK, which is 11x stronger than collagen capsules
  • Each 18.5-ml sachet contains 11g of Hydrolysed Marine Collagen
  • Vitamin C contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of skin, cartilage, bones, gums, and teeth.
  • Zooki liquid collagen is 'hydrolysed' to below 10 kilodaltons in size and has up to 95% absorption
  • Infused with delicious cherry extracts for a perfectly sour and slightly sweet fruity flavour
  • 14 servings per box
  • Also available in 5,000mg strength and different flavours: Citrus Lime and Mango Peach.

Directions: As a food supplement, Super Strength Collagen Zooki can be enjoyed straight or added to water, smoothies, yoghurt porridge, granola, and more. Take Collagen Zooki in the morning or after your workout. For maximum deliciousness, Collagen Zooki is better off in the fridge, but it’s not an absolute necessity. It should be okay outside the fridge as long as it doesn’t get above standard room temperature. DO NOT add to hot food or drinks, or freeze the sachets. This can affect the stability of the lipid emulsion!

Contains FISH. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Do not freeze. You can store
refrigerated if you prefer the taste cold.Do not exceed the stated daily dose. If you are pregnant, have a medical condition, are taking medication, or are under the age of 18, consult a medical professional before taking it. This is a food supplement and should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Water, Hydrolysed Fish Collagen (FISH), Acidity Regulators: Citric Acid, Vitamin C (Sodium Ascorbate), Natural Flavour, Lecithin (from Sunflower), Botanical extract (Sorbus aucuparia L.), Sweetener (Steviol glycosides).

Nutritional Information per 18.5-ml serving
Energy 207kj /49 kcal
Fat 0g
of which saturates 0g
Carbohydrates 0g
of which sugars 0g
Protein 11g
Salt 0.04g
Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid) 40mg (50%*)

*Nutrient Reference Value

What is collagen?
Collagen is the primary structural protein in the skin, tendons, bones, and ligaments. It acts as a scaffolding that literally keeps us upright and forms the padding for youthful, robust skin. As we age, collagen production falls, resulting in weaker tendons and muscles as well as sagging skin and wrinkles. Maintaining collagen levels can support strength and resilience both inside and outside the body.

What's the difference between the Super Strength Collagen Zooki and the standard Collagen Zooki? 
The most significant difference between the two is the strength. Super Strength Collagen Zooki contains 11,000mg of hydrolysed marine collagen per sachet, which is 2.2x the amount in the standard Collagen Zooki sachet, which contains 5,000mg. Additionally, Super Strength Collagen Zooki is available in a tart Sour Cherry flavour, while the standard Collagen Zooki comes in a range of different flavours (Citrus Lime and Mango Peach).

What is the source of collagen, and what type of collagen is it?
This sachet is packed with hydrolysed marine collagen, which Zooki source from sustainably sourced white fish - cod, to be specific.

What is ‘hydrolysed’ collagen?
Collagen, in its natural state, is a large chain of individual peptides that is impossible for the body to absorb. In order to help the body absorb the collagen, Zooki 'hydrolyse' into smaller molecules that are smaller and easier for the body to absorb!

How much collagen is in each sachet?
Each 18.5-ml sachet contains 11,000mg of Hydrolysed Marine Collagen.

Which collagen should I start with for anti-ageing: Super Strength or Regular Collagen Zooki?
Whether you start with the classic 5,000mg Collagen Zooki or opt for the 11,000mg Super Strength Collagen Zooki will depend on multiple factors.

If you are over the age of 50, have significant skin damage due to excess sun exposure and other environmental factors, or simply want to see results ASAP, then we recommend starting off with the Super Strength Collagen Zooki for the first two months at least. This is to kickstart the body's own production of collagen as quickly as possible, so you can start to see results faster. After the first two months, whether you stick with the Super Strength or swap over to 5,000 mg will be a judgement call. Everyone will see different results on different timelines; however, as a general rule of thumb, the older you are, the longer it will take to see results.

On the other hand, younger individuals and those with minimal skin damage or skin health issues can start off with the regular 5,000mg Collagen Zooki and continue with this dosage for as long as they need.

Which collagen should I start with for joint and cartilage support?

Whether you opt for the regular or Super Strength Collagen for joint and cartilage health will depend on your activity levels, current joint and cartilage health, and age. For individuals under the age of 35 who engage in mild to moderate physical activity, the regular 5,000mg dose is perfect for providing daily support for your joints and cartilage. If you are a particularly active individual or engage in high-impact activities such as running and weight lifting, then you may benefit from the Super Strength dose to protect your cartilage and joints from the increased wear and tear. Similarly, individuals over the age of 50 who have experienced a greater decline in their natural collagen production may also benefit from this increased dose.

Which collagen should I start with for menopause? 
The body’s natural production of collagen begins to dramatically decline both during and after menopause. In fact, by the time we finish menopause, the amount of collagen we produce has declined by up to 60 or 70%. For this very reason, we recommend opting for the Super Strength Collagen Zooki during and after menopause; the mighty 11,000mg dose will work to stimulate the body’s natural production of collagen and combat this steep decline accordingly, more so than the 5,000mg dose.

Does Collagen Zooki have to be kept in the fridge? 
For maximum deliciousness, Collagen Zooki is better off in the fridge, but it’s not an absolute necessity. It should be okay outside the fridge as long as it doesn’t get above standard room temperature.

How should I take Collagen Zooki? 
Collagen Zooki is great tasting and can be enjoyed straight from the sachet or added to water, smoothies, yoghurt, granola, and more. However, we recommend you not add them to hot food or drinks or freeze the sachets. This can affect the stability of the lipid emulsion!

Can I take it alongside other Zooki?
Most definitely. In fact, Zooki products are designed to work in synergy with one another, so the benefits of one Zooki will complement another (for example, Vitamin C Zooki and Vitamin D Zooki are an amazing immunity-supporting combo!). Mix and match your daily Zooki sachets to your heart's content; it’ll do you nothing but good.

Can I take Collagen Zooki if I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?
We always recommend people who are pregnant or breastfeeding check with a medical professional before they take any new dietary supplement.

Is Collagen Zooki vegan-friendly?
Collagen Zooki is made using hydrolysed marine collagen. Zooki use marine collagen because it's richer in "Type 1" collagen, the most abundant form of collagen found within the body, compared to bovine or porcine. While this means it’s a superstar product when it comes to skin health, it is unfortunately not suitable for vegans.

Is it safe for diabetics?
Zooki is sugar-free and perfectly suitable for diabetics!

Can children take it? 
Although Zooki is generally safe for children, we don’t recommend giving them a full dose, and we always recommend consulting with a medical professional before giving any dietary supplement to children under the age of 18.

Is Collagen Zooki free from gluten, dairy, soy, alcohol, and sugar? 
Collagen Zooki is free from gluten, soy, dairy, alcohol, and sugar!

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