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Sugar Coated Full Body Hair Removal Kit


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The ancient practice of hair removal using sugaring has been refined in Aqua Natural’s Sugar Coated syrup recipe. Use it to remove unwanted body hair without harsh chemicals. 

Formerly known as Aqua Natural Strip Ease Jar, the traditional method of hair removal with sugaring has been refined using a specialist blend of pure sugar syrups. Chemical-free and based on 100% natural ingredients, Aqua Natural Sugar Coated home sugaring kit can be used on all area of the body – from the upper lip to the bikini line, legs and underarms. 

Kind on skin, the Aqua Sugar Coated sugaring recipe is microwaveable and creates a pliable sugar syrup. Apply it to remove unwanted hair from the body using woven fabric strips that can be re-used many times. Easy to use and safe for sensitive skin, it will leave yours feeling softer, smoother and in better condition. 

Aqua Sugar Coated 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free. 

Box contains: 250g Sugar Coated Vegan Sugar Wax, three applicators (two large and one small). 15 washable and reusable strips and an instruction leaflet. 

Sucrose, Aqua.

Product Code: AQN0001

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