Spry Xylitol Clear Oral Rinse - Coolmint


Suitable for Vegetarians


Spry Xylitol Clear Oral Rinse with ethanol and xylitol works to remove damaging bacteria and viruses that cause the destruction of the gum tissues. Ethanol, a grain alcohol, is known for its ability to hinder pathogens from thriving in the oral cavity.

Frequent eating of foods high in sugars and starches can promote tooth decay. Clinical studies have shown that incorporating 8 to 10 grams of xylitol into your daily oral health routine may improve overall oral health.

Cool, refreshing and close to Ph neutral, Spry Oral Rinse with all-natural Xylitol is a great-tasting natural sweetener with unique dental benefits.

Directions: Rinse full strength for 30 seconds in the morning and before bedtime. Do not swallow.

Purified water, xylitol, grain alcohol (ethanol), spearmint flavor (blend of natural flavors), vegetable glycerin (from non-GMO palm fruits), calcium glycerophosphate, aloe barbadensis juice concentrate (aloe vera), calendula officinalis (marigold) flower extract, chamomilla recutita extract, echinacea purpurea extract, olea europaea (olive) leaf extract, thymus vulgaris (thyme) extract.

Product Code: XLE0018

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