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Sinol M Nasal Spray is an all natural nasal spray developed for headaches, migraines and sinus congestion. Sinol M Nasal Spray contains all natural ingredients, is safe and not addictive.

One of these ingredients, capsaicin, is from the pepper plant. Capsaicin is an analgesic or a pain reliever. Sinol M has an extremely high efficacy rate for all types of headaches helping to alleviate general headaches, migraines and cluster headaches.

Sinol M Nasal Spray with capsaicin travels into the sinuses and is picked up by cilia which carry it into the trigeminal nerve throughout the head. The trigeminal nerve becomes desensitized relieving the headache without the rebound effect felt by many other pain relievers.

Sinol M Nasal Spray works much faster than oral medication and will often diminish your headache when they first begin. Intranasal medications are often significantly more effective than by digestive means simply due to their absorption rates and the fact that they dont have to pass through the harsh stomach acidic environment.

Sinol M Nasal Spray also helps with sinus congestion and hayfever helping to calm the inflamed tissues of the nasal passages. Aloe Vera and Sea Salt in this formula help to quickly calm the inflammation and Eucalyptus Oil and Rosemary ease breathing.

Important: Sinol M is all natural and can be used liberally. Spray 2 3 times in each nostril if you have a severe headache or severe nasal congestion.

Our In-House pharmacist has written an article about Sinol M - Allergy, Sinus & Headaches:

Spray once into each nostril 1-3 times a day. Not recommended for children under 12 years.

Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. 
Use of this container by more than 1 person may spread infection.
If pregnant or breastfeeding, ask a heath practitioner before use.
Do not spray in or around eyes.

Purified Water, Patented Nano-silver(natural preservative),Aloe Vera Extract, Eucalyptol, Rosemary Extract, Sea Salt (Sodium Chloride) and Vitamin C (citric acid), Capsicum 4X HPUS. 

Product Code: SNL0001


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