Dermasuri Deep Exfoliating Mitt




Dermasuri is a deep exfoliating mitt to help achieve healthy, glowing skin that maintains its elasticity, suppleness, and smoothness. Made from a unique fabric texture, the Dermasuri mitt revitalizes your skin by removing dead skin cells and debris off your body, revealing healthy, smooth skin. Unlike other exfoliation methods such as loofahs or scrubs, the unique fabric grabs and sloughs off flaky dead skin from the skin™s surface and simply rolls it off.

Removing impurities and excessive dead skin cells effectively allows the skin to receive more oxygen, leaving it much the same as a young child™s skin. Body creams and lotions are better absorbed deeper by your fresh skin.

With Dermasuri mitt, you may literally see the dead skin coming off and will notice an immediate smoothness and glow. The amount of exfoliation depends on skin type and body area. Some may exfoliate microscopically, whereas others will visibly see dead skin roll away.

Dermasuri rids your skin of impurities, improves circulation, removes dead skin cells, and increase cell turnover rate all within the comforts of your own home.

Dermasuri Benefits...

  • Removes impurities and rejuvenates skin, leaving skin smooth and fresh.
  • Improves circulation, stimulates collagen and fights ageing.
  • Reduces ingrown hairs, bumps and clogged pores.
  • Smooths skin surface for even self-tanning (Dermasuri is a must have for those of you who want an even spray tan).
  • Helps even skin tone and prevents dullness.


  • Soften your skin by going into a shower, bath or steam room for 5 to 10 minutes without using any soap. It is recommended to use Dermasuri before you shampoo or deep condition. The less soapy, the more the mitt can exfoliate without friction.
  • Step away from the water and squeeze out excess water from the mitt.
  • Exfoliate using vigorous, upward and downward strokes until you see dead skin cells roll away. Repeat for each section of your body. The more pressure you apply, the better the results. Do not apply too much pressure that your skin feels raw.
  • Apply your lotions or creams afterwards and you will notice that these will be absorbed much better than before.

Product Code: DMS0001


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