Pure EMU Oil



This skin cell regenerating Pure Emu Oil helps ease muscle and joint pain associated with injury, arthritis, rheumatism and stress. It also soothes burns, scolds, insect bites and stings. 

Pure Emu Oil is rich in Oleic Acid, a monosaturated essential fatty acid that works to regenerate cells and provide anti-inflammatory effects, along with long-lasting pain relief. It contains antioxidant Vitamin E to help heal wounds and burns and prevent scar formation; antiseptic terpenes and skin-softening sapogens. 

Stand the bottle in warm water for three to four minutes before use. 

Each HealthAid: 50ml of Pure Emu Oil contains : Emu Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate.

Side Effects: Avoid eyes and sensitive areas. Do not swallow. Discontinue use if any rash or itchiness develops.

Product Code: HTA0992

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