Pulsatilla 30c



Pattern of symptoms: dry mouth and lips, bad taste in mouth, right-sided symptoms, emotional lability; symptoms worst after exposure to cold, wet, wind or sun or consumption of rich, fatty food.Common uses: diarrhoea or indigestion after eating fatty, rich food, breastfeeding problems, bedwetting or stress incontinence, rattling cough, cold with yellow, smelly catarrh, chilblains, conjunctivitis, earache with discharge, sore throat, flu, one-sided fever with chills, headaches, labour pains and tearfulness, nausea and morning sickness, chickenpox, mumps, measles, feeling faint from heat, nosebleeds, teething, varicose veins especially during pregnancy, dizziness, one-sided headache.

Press base twice to release two pillules into cap. Unscrew cap and without touching pillules tip them into mouth. Pillules to be sucked or chewed and taken between meals. Adults and children: 2 pillules every 2 hours for the first 6 doses, then 4 times da


Product Code: NLS1900

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