Chapter One

Omega 3 Gummies


Suitable for Vegetarians


Chapter One Kosher Omega 3 Gummies for kids is an advanced gummy supplement providing a vegan source of omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fats. This ideal formula provides Omega 3 Fatty Acids in a delicious tasting gummy to support brain, eye, vision and vascular health. Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid, which means the body requires it, but cannot produce it on its own. Therefore, supplementing with Omega 3 may give children the boost they need for healthy growth and development.

Some of the essential nutrients in each gummy include:
Omega 3: which supports heart, and vision and brain health.
Omega 6: helpful for general cardiovascular health.
DHA from algae (Docosahexaenoic Acid): which is essential for the overall nervous system including brain health.
Directions: Take one gummy daily or as directed by healthcare practitioner.

Each gummy: Total Omega Oil (Chia Oil & DHA) 183mg providing Omega 3 Alpha Linoleic Acid 87mg, Omega 6 Linoleic Acid 43mg, Omega 9 Oleic Acid 20mg and DHA for algae 33mg. Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Modified Corn Starch, Water, Malic acid, Pectin, Sodium Citrate, Natural Flavours, Annatto, Turmeric, Elderberry juice, Coconut oil, Carnauba Wax.

Product Code: CPO0008

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