Nano-B Charcoal and Gold Antibacterial Toothbrush - Blue



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Nano-B Charcoal and Gold toothbrushes are particularly useful for those looking to whiten their teeth. These toothbrushes merge the antibacterial properties of gold with the natural whitening properties of bamboo charcoal and are recommend for anyone with stained, discoloured teeth.

Nano-B gold toothbrushes are uniquely antibacterial in that they kill bacteria through natural means. Gold displays potent antibacterial properties to penetrate bacterial cells, terminating the bacteria that live on the toothbrush. By terminating any bacteria on your brush, you avoid brushing with common bathroom nasties like e.coli and salmonella. You™re also protected from airborne bacteria, keeping you safe from the common cold to nasty illnesses.
It™s not just about being antibacterial. Nano-B toothbrushes provide a brush that offers superior cleaning capabilities.

All Nano-B brushes come with a double-layered bristle structure. The long, thin bristles clean deeply in hard to reach areas of the mouth, gently pushing the gums upwards to remove bacteria where they get trapped, preventing common plaque build-up. The short, oval bristles gently polish the surface of the teeth, leaving you with a sparkling smile.






Product Code: ORG0005