Milk Thistle - 100 Capsules



Swanson Milk Thistle capsules target the liver to cleanse every toxin, chemical and contaminant that we are in contact during the course of our lives.

Silymarin, the key active compound in milk thistle has been shown to increase glutathione production in the liver thus increasing its detoxification capabilities. Silymarin also stimulates protein synthesis in the liver encouraging the growth of healthy liver cells. In addition, bile activity is stimulated with the ingestion of milk thistle, an attribute that is both supportive to the liver and to the gall bladder.

Silymarin may also help normalise skin cell replication leading to success in numerous inflammatory skin concerns.

Dosage: For intense detoxification, use two capsules three times a day of Milk Thistle daily; otherwise use one or two capsules daily.

Side effects - None noted

Two capsules contain 500mg Milk Thistle. Other ingredients Gelatin, may also contain one or more microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate or silica.

Product Code: SWN0057

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