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Hydrosol Silver Gel

24ppm 44-ml


HydroSol™ Silver Gel is an excellent way to treat inflamed, sore skin and minor skin infections. 

HydroSol™ Silver Gel is used by men and women globally for its natural antiseptic and antimicrobial benefits and ability to aid natural skin recovery. The active ingredient within it is patented SilverSol Technology®, which helps support you and your family's natural defence system while healing and softening skin all over the body. Unlike silver creams, which sit on the skin surface, silver gel absorbs rapidly.  

Apply HydroSol™ Silver Gel generously to the skin as needed to help promote natural healing. 

24 ppm HydrosolSilver (de-ionized water, silver) Triethanolamine(0.90%) and Carbomer.

Product Code: GHN0008

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