Mouth Ulcers

Most people suffer from mouth ulcers at some point during their lives, referred to as aphthous mouth ulcers or canker sores, and these can be incredibly painful.

Small round or oval sores which are painful are the usual sign of canker sores or mouth ulcers and this is due to the damage to the lining of the mouth which becomes highly sensitive to food and drink.

The most common causes of aphthous mouth ulcers including accidentally biting the skin inside the cheeks or brushing too vigorously.

Recurrent mouth ulcers may be associated with:

Stress and anxiety
Changes in hormone levels such as during menstruation and menopause
Some medications that cause inflammation
Vitamin deficiencies especially iron, zinc and B vitamins including vitamin B-12 may be implicated in mouth ulcers
Sodium lauryl sulphate, SLS, found in many brands of toothpastes
Acidic foods can cause mouth ulcers

 Natural remedies for ulcers in the mouth may be beneficial especially if you have vitamin deficiencies. SLS-free toothpastes many also be of value in preventing recurring mouth ulcers.

Vitamin C, zinc, Quercetin and a quality multivitamin and mineral supplement may all prove to help prevent recurring mouth ulcers.