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Giving It The Brush Off


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Temple Spa Giving It The Brush Off: give dull, lifeless skin the brush off with this natural body brush to help reduce cellulite, improve circulation and remove dead skin cells.

Body brushing using Giving It The Brush Off not only exfoliates dead and dull skin cells from the skin, it effectively helps to remove toxins, improve skin tone, skin feel and skin texture. Body brushing helps to feel energised, revived and radiant. Lightly body brush on dry skin to help exfoliate or in the shower to invigorate and energise.

Helps the body's natural detoxification process
Helps increase circulation
Eliminates dead skin cells
Quick spa@home treatment that only takes five minutes

Directions: Daily, on dry skin, take the brush in the palm of your hand. Get a firm grip and use the strap to support the hand. Start brushing at the feet and work up the legs, using gentle, sweeping movements towards the heart. Then work on your hands and move up the arms the over shoulders, back and body. Avoid the very sensitive areas of the chest and do not use on the face.

Spa@Home Tip: Over the winter months skin can lose its healthy colour and tone. A great way to get your skin ready for some relaxing warmth is to give it the Brush Off. On dry skin, use Brush Off for five minutes followed by a refreshing cleansing shower with Seize the Day, or relax with Drift Away. Follow up with lashing of your favourite body lotion - either the calming and nutritious Peace Be Still or the firming and toning Duvet Firming Cream.


Not suitable for sensitive or broken skin. Avoid use on face and neck. Not suitable for children. Consult your midwife or GP for suitability during pregnancy.




Product Code: TSP0072


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