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Suitable for Vegetarians


OptiBac For Your Baby is a high quality live culture probiotic liquid drops designed especially for babies and young children. These friendly bacteria probiotic supplements are scientifically researched and suitable from birth.

For Your Baby contains 1 billion probiotics per daily dose of Bifidobacterium breve M-16V®. For Your Baby has been shown to support gut health, immunity and inhibit pathogens associated with colic.

These easy to administer, flavourless drops can be added to room temperature formula or expressed breast milk, administered directly from the dropper into babies mouth or conveniently added to your little one's favourite foods.

How does it work:

M-16V® adheres to and colonises the gut lining, which in turn promotes a healthy Bifidobacterium dominant microbiome and inhibits pathogens, including those associated with colic. With 70% of the immune system lying in the gut, For Your Baby also communicates with the immune system to boost natural immunity and modulate inflammatory responses helping to keep your baby healthier and happier.

Research has shown that OptiBac Probiotics For Your Baby helps to promote a healthy microbiome, reduce levels of pathogens associated with colic, improves symptoms in allergy and eczema prone babies and could even help significantly reduce asthma like symptoms such as wheezing and noisy breathing.

This safe, natural, flavourless product is suitable for vegans, and free from sugar, artificial colours, preservatives, dairy and gluten.

Unlike many other live cultures supplements, ˜For Your Babydoes not require refrigeration and the liquid is shelf stable if stored in a dry place below 25°c.** There are 30 servings in each bottle. Once opened, use within 30 days.

All OptiBac Probiotics strains are thoroughly researched and documented, so you can be confident you're giving your baby a safe, high quality supplement.

**OptiBac recommend refrigerating this product if administering drops directly into baby's mouth.

Medium chain triglyceride oil (plant source) live cultures: Bifidobacterium breve M-16V Emulsifier: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids (plant source)


Product Code: OPB0020

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