Dong Quai Soya Sprout Complex


Suitable for Vegetarians


The TerraNova philosophy embodies total wellbeing and utilizes the inherent wisdom of the Earth to nourish and to heal. Through the concentrated synergy of their formulations, TerraNova demonstrate a scientific, yet holistic, approach to product development. Each TerraNova nutritional product is enhanced with its own synergistic complex of whole, unadulterated and enzymatically-active botanicals and phytonutrient-rich foods known as MAGNIFOOD to enhance the bioavailability of the ingredients, to increase the product's micronutrients and to protect the ingredients from oxidative damage.

Female Support Complex contains a MagniFood Complex providing

  • Dong quai - the most popular female plant tonic
  • Soyabean Sprouts - contain high concentrations of oestrogen like compounds
  • Fenugreek - especially rich is phyto-oestrogens, fenugreen also contains phytoprogesterone properties
  • Kudzu - abundant source of phyto-oestrogens
  • Rhodiola - helps maintain healthy emotions
  • Milky Green Oat Seed - rich in B vitamins and minerals required for the nervous system
  • Borage Seed - rich in omega 6 fatty acids helping premenstrual health and well-being
  • Watercress, Turmeric, Sea Buckthorn, Dandelion - supporting the product's functions/applications

Dosage: Take one or two capsules daily wih food.

Two capsules provide: MagniFood Complex 1150mg which contains Dong Quai 250mg, Soyabean Sprouts 200mg, Stabilised Rice Bran 200mg, Fenugreek Seed 100mg, Kudzu Root 100mg, Rhodiola Root 50mg, Milky Green Oat Seed 50mg, Borage Seed 50mg, Watercress 25mg, Turmeric Root 25mg, Sea Buckthorn Berry 25mg, Dandelion Leaf 25mg, Alfalfa Flower & Leaf 25mg and Kale 25mg.

Product Code: TNV0015


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