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Blooming Blends


Suitable for Vegans

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Blooming Blends Digestion Botanical Tincture has been created to help invigorate and boost your digestive system when it's feeling sluggish and overwhelmed. The Digestion tincture blend with Ginger and Fennel seed will have your gut feeling loved and nurtured in no time. It's nourishing ingredients to cleanses, balances and strengthens your gut and to boost your digestive system.

Blooming Blends tincture formulas are created using a ratio of 1:3 to 1:1 herb to liquid so they are at their best possible strength. Each remedy is blended with 6 different single herb extracts to create an invigorating, nourishing boost or a balancing, calming kiss.

Blooming Blends Digestion Drops Benefits:

  • Balances your metabolism
  • Settles an unhappy gut
  • Helps to gently flush out excess fluids
  • Nourishes and cleanses the bowl
  • Supports your system after a heavy meal
  • Settles bloating
  • Blooming Blends tinctures are GMO, filler, additive and preservative free.

DIGESTION Drops to support and ease your digestion system with our efficacious blend of active and potent botanicals:

  • supporting GINGER ROOT
  • setting FENNEL SEED
  • cleansing HIBISCUS FLOWER
  • detoxing ARTICHOKE LEAF
  • balancing BURDOCK ROOT
  • soothing SPEARMINT LEAF

Directions: Take ½ a pipette (15 drops) directly under the tongue or drop into liquid up to three times a day.

Do not exceed the recommended daily amount. Blooming Blends products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Results may vary according to the individual and cannot be guaranteed. If pregnant, breastfeeding,  taking medication, or on medical care, consult your healthcare practitioner before buying.

A pure and active blend of Vegetable Glycerine, Ginger Root, Fennel Seed, Hibiscus Flower, Artichoke Leaf, Burdock Root, Spearmint.

Are there any contradictive herbs?
All the herbs Blooming Blends use in their health supplements are termed as ‘food supplement’ and not as medicine. They do not use any controversial herbs that need a Traditional Herbal Licence.

Once opened, how long do i have to use the tincture?
Once opened, use the tincture within six months. 

Are the tinctures vegan?
Yes absolutely!  You will find only 100% natural plant ingredients inside this bottle.

Do the tinctures contain alcohol?
Blooming Blends Sleep Blend is alcohol-free.

What ingredients Blooming Blends Use?
Blooming Blends tinctures are made from high quality herbal extracts.  The fresh herbs are mostly wild-crafted from sustainable sources and we try get as many herbs grown in the UK as possible.  A lot of the herbs we use can be found in an average British garden.

Can I take more than one tincture in a day?
All the herbs in Blooming Blends natural supplements work best if you take them as and when you need them and that you do not exceed more than three doses a day.

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