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Cleanse Organic Herbal Tea


Suitable for Vegetarians

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The deliciously minty nourishing blend of Pukka Herbs Cleanse Organic Herbal Tea helps ease allergy symptoms, urinary issues, bloating and stomach cramps while adding weight loss.

Cleanse from within to benefit your skin and overall wellbeing. This rich minty blend of Fennel, Peppermint and Nettle helps reduce internal inflammation and may ease BPH (Benign prostatic hyperplasia), urinary issues, cramps, bloating and allergies.

Place your Cleanse Herbal Tea bag into a cup and gently add hot water, ensuring that the water is not poured directly onto the bag. Leave to infuse for at least five minutes. Discover more Pukka Herbs Teas here.

Nettle leaf, Peppermint leaf, Fennel seed, Dandelion root, Licorice root, Aloe vera leaf

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