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Chewable Glucosamine Complex for Dogs and Cats



Chewable Glucosamine Complex for Dogs & Cats is an ideal supplement for dogs and cats, helping them to get their recommended daily intake of  glucosamine sulphate, vitamins C and E in these tasty beef flavoured tablets. 

Glucosamine - using only the purest glucosamine sulphate.

Vitamin E - this well known vitamin contributes to the protection of the body's cells from oxidative stress caused by reactive compounds called 'free radicals'. Each tablet contains over 50% of their RDA. 

Vitamin C - a gentle, non acidic form of vitamin C as calcium ascorbate, that is kind to your pet's teeth and gentle on their tummy. Each tablet contains over 60% RDA. Each tablet can be added whole, crumbled over their food or even given to them as a treat!

Size of Pet 
Cats - 1 Tablet
Puppy - 1 Tablet
Toy Dog - 1 Tablet
Small Dog - 1 Tablet
Medium/Large dog - 2 Tablets
Extra Large Dog - 3 Tablets

Tablets should be added whole or crumbled into moist food and then mixed in well. A bowl of fresh water should always be available.

Product Code: LMB1650

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