Brow Shaper / Dermaplaner



Tweezy Brow Shaper and Dermaplaner is a multipurpose beauty tool that allows you to sculpt perfect eyebrows and exfoliate dead skin cells from your face to reveal a smoother and brighter complexion. 

Tweezy Brow Shaper and Dermaplaner stylishly holds a stainless steel coated razor that is designed with fine micro-guards to help protect your skin and allow you to remove unwanted hairs. 

Dermaplaning removes facial hair and dead skin cells from areas such as cheeks, chin and forehead. this effective exfoliation method allows skincare products ot be absorbed more easily increasing their efficacy and makeup can sit more evenly on smoother and brighter skin. 


Place at a slight 45-degree angle against clean, dry skin.
Working against the hair growth, glide the brow shaper / dermaplaner across your skin in short strokes.
Don’t add too much pressure, a gentle glide is all you need. After each use wipe the brow shaper / dermaplaner clean.

  • Perfect for both women and men
  • Designed to be pain free
  • Can be used above, below and between your brows safely
  • Also works wonders on the delicate upper lip area, chin and cheeks, back of the neck, between haircuts and your bikini line.
  • Each shaper / planer lasts approximately 2-3 months.

Product Code: TZY0006


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