Natural Deodorants

Although the benefits of natural deodorants have been talked about for years, many of us are reluctant to change over with the most common misconception being that they are too weak and ineffective.

Aluminium and parabens found in ‘regular’ deodorants may irritate skin especially if you have sensitive skin. Additionally, aluminium in deodorant sticks and sprays may block the pores and prevent sweating. Chemicals such as aluminium and parabens can also cause irritation and rashes whilst sprays can be toxic to the environment.

Some of the best all natural deodorants include natural vegan deodorants, natural organic deodorants as well as natural spray deodorants, roll-on’s and natural deodorant sticks. Green People’s organic and natural deodorants, made in the UK, are effective and suitable for vegans and for those with sensitive skin whilst Weleda manufacture a range of natural spray deodorants which have been reformulated to be even more effective and to stay fresh all day long.

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