Suitable for Vegetarians


Kiin Bee Pearl is a dietary supplement made from 100% organic Bee Bread. Each jar contains 30 vegetarian capsules for a months supply.

During the summer months bees create Bee bread also known as 'ambrosia'. Bee bread is made from bee pollen, honey, bee enzymes, and bee wax. Bees collect pollen, which they bring back to their hives, where they mix it with honey and their own enzymes. The mixture is then allowed by the bees to ferment naturally to form Bee Bread.

BeeBread is seen to have many health benefits including to strengthen the immune system, ease symptoms of menopause, reduce stress, speed up healing, reduce inflammation, protect against liver toxicity, act as an anti-aging agent, regulate blood pressure and activate the metabolism.

Kiin Bee Pearl capsules consist entirely of concentrated raw Bee Bread and are particularly beneficial for senior citizens, young children, pregnant women, and those who are highly physically active or prone to stress.

Directions: Take one capsule of Bee Pearl daily with or immediately after food. This product is gluten-free.

Do not take if you are prone to allergic reactions from bee products. Please consult with a qualified practitioner before taking Bee Pearl capsules during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding.

100% Organic Raw Bee Bread.

Product Code: KII0001

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