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Animal Parade Children's Chewable DHA for Kids

90-Chewable Tablets


Nature's Plus Animal Parade® Children's Chewable DHA for Kids:Luscious, natural cherry-flavoured Animal Parade® DHA chewables are the most delicious, convenient way for your kids to get the essential fatty acids they need!

Superior-quality Animal Parade® Chewable DHA for Kids is a rich source of DHA, the Omega-3 essential fatty acid that delivers critical support for childrens overall well-being.

Animal Parade® DHA for Kids features a smooth, fast-dissolving texture No other children's DHA supplement can match the ease and convenience of Animal Parade® DHA!

Dosage: For children over 2 years, take three chewable DHA for Kids tablets once daily.




Per serving of three tablets: DHA (from tuna fish oil) 40mg, EFA absorption complex (from lecithin, phosphatidyl choline, phosphatidyl serine, evening primrose oil, flax oil, lactobacillus from milk) 325mg, Vitamin A 250iu, Vitamin D 20iu, Vitamin E 1.5iu,Calcium 80mg, Potassium 20mg,Chloride 20mg, fructose, citric acid, natural flavours, silica.


Product Code: NAP3319

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