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Wholistic Shatavari


Suitable for Vegetarians


Pukka Herbs Wholistic Shatavari is grown throughout India, this member of the asparagus family is considered to be the supreme women's tonic and is used as a natural regulator. It literally means 'the plant of one hundred roots' which has been cunningly transformed into 'she who has one hundred husbands' as it gives women boundless reserves! It has the ability to increase prolactin levels and hence increase progesterone levels.

It contains natural hormone phyto-oestrogen precursors that have renowned health benefits for women. As a sweet, cooling, nourishing and soothing herb it is considered by Ayurvedic practitioners to be the perfect energetic balance to clear some of the uncomfortable menopausal hot flushes, night sweats, memory loss, anxiety and dryness in the body.

Organic Wholistic Shatavari includes Nutrigest, a proprietary botanical blend formulated to help assist the assimilation of nutrients into the body.

Benefits of Wholistic Shatavari:

  • Organic supplement that contains natural phyto-oestrogen hormone precursors to help women maintain a healthy reproductive system.
  • Optimise fertility and breast milk production
  • Clears some menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes and night sweats
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Read Shabir's article Shatavari From Puperty To Menopause here.

Directions: Take one or two wholistic shatavari capsules daily with water. Seek professional advice during pregnancy


Do not use when pregnant


Two capsules provide 25.6g of Shatavari root powder. Nutrigest - Seagreens arctic fresh seaweed, spirulina, ginger root. Vegetable cellulose capsule.


Product Code: PKK3094


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