Ornithine, also referred to as L-Ornithine, benefits the body through multiple mechanisms.  Ornithine is a non-essential amino acid derived from the breakdown of arginine. When ornithine is combined with arginine and carnitine, it helps build muscle tissue and breaks down fat. 

Ornithine is also required for the manufacture of several amino acids which help to enhance energy levels in the body. 

Ornithine Benefits: 

  • • Ornithine may be invaluable for strength athletes. Gains in muscle size and strength were noted in studies with no increase in growth hormone.
  • • Ornithine, alongside with arginine, converts ammonia, a major liver toxin, into urea suggesting liver protective properties. 
  • • Ornithine enhances collagen production and speeds repair time of tissue injury which aids wound healing. 
  • • Ornithine converts into arginine which protects the thymus gland, the main gland of immunity. 

Ornithine dosage range: 500-2500 mg per day.