SILKSKIN Original Silk Pillowcase



Renowned for their anti-ageing properties for both the skin and hair, SILKSKIN Pillow Cases help lock in moisture and prevent fines lines and wrinkles from developing on your face over time.

SILKSKIN Original Pillow Cases help prevent nighttime dehydration, locking in skin moisture to prevent lines and wrinkles from developing over time. Based on two years' research, these 100% silk pillowcases contain proteins and amino acids that are identical to those found naturally within the skin. In mimicking the skin's pH balance, they also help protect and maintain moisture levels and are hypoallergenic.

SILKSKIN Pillow Cases are also a fantastic way to maintain your hair’s health. While regular cotton pillowcases can catch the hair and cause breakage when you toss and turn, these pure silk cases allow your hair to glide across it without damage.

Made with no added dyes or chemicals, they come in a natural colour, therefore complementing any existing bedding. Dimensions: 78cm x 48cm. Machine or hand wash at 30-35ºC.

Product Code: SSK0001

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