Sea Band

Sea Band Mama - Essential Oil Rollette



Specially formulated by healthcare professionals, the Sea-Band Mama! pocket-sized rollette contains a handmade, soothing blend of essential oils to help settle your stomach during pregnancy.

Cleansing Spearmint Oil and invigorating Lime Oil come together with warming, calming Ginger Oil, which has long been used to relieve nausea. The Sea-Band Mama! Rollete helps ease the symptoms of morning sickness, so you can start enjoying your pregnancy again.

Roll a small amount on to wrists, temples or chest in the morning or as required.

Grapeseed oil, Lime oil, Spearmint oil, Ginger Oil, Geranoil, Citronellol, Limonene, Linanlool.

Product Code: SBD0003

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