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Re-Styleable Pomade For Boys



Spots & Stripes Re-Styleable Pomade from award-winning skincare and haircare brand Spots & Stripes, provides amazing styling power so you can re-style your hair through the day.

Spots & Stripes hair wax pomade is a truly awesome product with great, flexible styling power. Virgin coconut oil leaves hair smooth, strong and shiny. Vitamin-soaked sea buckthorn and hibiscus boost skin and hair health. While essential oils cedarwood and brilliant benzoin help reduce grease and calm the scalp.

Spots & Stripes Pomade was developed to give you lots of hold, lots of control and lots of styling options. Similar to a hair wax, but with more hold, this hair styling product is water-based so washes out easily and doesn't make hair greasy and won't cause acne along the hairline. 


How to use: Rub and small amount of Spots & Stripes Re-Styleable Pomade between your palms and apply to wet or dry hair. To re-style, simply damp the hair again.


Key Ingredients: 

  • PVP (polyvinyl pyrrolidone) – a synthetic resin that coats the hair in a thin film making it incredibly style-able. Biodegradable and doesn’t bioaccumulate
  • Virgin Coconut Oil – to moisturise and leave hair smoother and calmer
  • Hibiscus Extract – tames frizz and boosts hair growth
  • Sea Buckthorn – packed with vitamins and antioxidants for hair and scalp health
  • Cedarwood – an anti-inflammatory powerhouse that zaps grease, smells good and soothes the scalp

 0% parabens, phthalates and sulphate

Aqua/Water/Eau, Ceteareth-25, PVP, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Trideceth-9, Hibiscus Sabdariffa (Hibiscus Berry) Flower Extract, Vaccinium Myrtillus (Bilberry) Fruit Extract, Cocos Nucifera (Virgin Coconut) Oil, Hippophae Rhamnoides (Seabuckthorn) Seed Oil, *Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Flower Oil, *Juniperus Virginiana (Cedarwood) Wood Oil, *Cananga Odorata (Ylang Ylang) Flower Oil,*Citrus Aurantium (Neroli) Flower Oil, *Tilia Cordata (Linden) Flower Oil, *Pelargonium Graveolens (Geranium Bourbon) Flower Oil, Styrax Tonkinensis (Benzoin) Resin Extract, Parfum, Benzyl Alcohol, Dehydroacetic Acid, Propylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexyl Glycerin, Hydroxyacetophenone, **Linalool, **Geraniol, **Limonene, **Benzyl Benzoate, **Farnesol, **Benzyl Salicylate, **Hydroxycitronellol, **Hexyl Cinnamal, **Butylphenylmethylpropional, **Citronellol. *Essential Oils **Potential Allergens


Product Code: SNS0009


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