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Sarah Chapman Skinesis Pro Pore Refiner is a blackhead extraction and treatment tool to remove blackheads and prevent congested pores. The Sarah Chapman Pro Pore Refiner is ideal for those with blackheads on the face and nose, congested pores, blemish-prone skin, oily skin and a dull complexion.

What does it do:
As efficient as professional extraction, the Pro Pore Refiner is a three-step power programme that mimics clinical methods for effective blackhead removal in the comfort of your own home. The results are immediate with the Sarah Chapman Pro Pore Refiner treatment tool. Skin is decongested, deeply cleansed and smooth. Blood flow and circulation is increased, leaving skin instantly more radiant.

The Science:
Using ultra-advanced thermo-therapy and ionic cleansing, the Sarah Chapman Pro Pore Refiner warms and softens the skin. The ultrasonic vibrations loosen congested pores from deep within the dermis, priming them for optimal extraction. Focused suction purges oil and excess dirt from pores to instantly banish blackheads and awaken a lit-from-within, Skinesis glow. Skin appears decongested and pores appear smaller.

How To Use the Sarah Chapman Pro Pore Refiner Treatment Tool:
Step 1 - Thermo-therapy and ionic cleansing
Click the button once to illuminate the yellow light. Use the flat metalized end of the treatment tool on freshly cleansed, damp skin and massage gently over blocked areas the thermo-therapy heat will open pores and positively charged ions will draw dirt to the surface of the skin. After 2 minutes, the device will buzz to indicate that step one has been completed and the tool has turned off.

Step 2 - Thermo-therapy and ultrasonic vibrations
Click the button twice to illuminate blue light. Gently massage the flat metalized end over the congested skin and blocked areas ultrasonic vibrations and warmth will further loosen impurities. After 2 minutes the device will buzz to indicate step 2 is complete and the device has turned off.

Step 3-Extraction
Click the button 3 times to illuminate the white light. Flip the device and attach the suction nozzle to begin extraction. Adjust the strength as appropriate, then glide over taught skin with continuous movement. Complete one pass per area to avoid unnecessary stress to the skin and stop when it feels complete. Suction lasts a maximum of 2 minutes before turning off automatically, use for as long as appropriate for your skin and click the button to turn off if required before the 2 minute cycle is complete. After use, clean nozzle in warm, soapy water.

WARNING: Move extraction nozzle continuously across the skin. Do not hold the device in one place as bruising may occur.

Top Tip
: Use this device for five minutes twice a week. Do not hold the device in one place for more than 2 seconds. After use, apply Intense Hydrating Booster or Ultra Recovery Booster with Overnight Facial if needed. To maintain results, use Liquid Facial Resurfacer or Overnight Exfoliating Booster in the following days.

Contents: Device x1, Nozzle x1, Charging lead x1, Ultimate Cleanse 3ml

Product Code: SRH0073


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