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Flower Essences of Australia



The wilderness of the Australian outback is host to some of the oldest and most spectacular wildflowers that bloom prolifically throughout the year. Flower essences are the infusion of the energetic imprint of the flower at the height of its potency and are used to achieve balance in the body. The Aboriginal people of Australia discovered the therapeutic value of flower essences as effective emotional healers and are considered the grandfathers of the art just as Dr Edward Bach who is responsible for their rediscovery and wide use today is considered the father.

Positivite Change promotes positive & abundant thinking, fresh view after a negative cloud.

Dosage: Take seven drops under the tongue morning and evening.

Purified Water, organic Ecocert brandy, infusion of flowers (baob, Turkey Bush, Christmas Bell, Bauhinia, Southern Cross, Bottlebrush, Sturt Desert Pea and Rose, Jacaranda, Isoprogan, Banksia Robur). Contains alcohol 27% vol. Free from artificial additives.

Product Code: FEA0009