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7 x 30-Gram Sachets

Suitable for Vegans


OatWell™ Crispy Hearts with oat beta-glucan 7 days supply are oat-based breakfast cereals with oat beta-glucan, which has been shown to lower blood cholesterol.

OatWell™ Crispy Hearts cereal contains natural oat bran. OatWell™ cereal contains high concentrations of valuable beta-glucans, soluble fibres, which are found naturally within oats. Oat beta-glucan affects blood cholesterol levels. More than 100 scientific studies have proven the positive effects of oat beta-glucan. These positive effects of oat beta-glucan were first discovered in the 1960s and have been continually researched since.

Just one serving of OatWell™ oat cereal per day can lower your cholesterol. One serving of OatWell™ has the same amount of oat beta-glucan as three to four servings of porridge oats.

Directions: OatWell™ for cholesterol should be taken once a day. Empty one sachet into a bowl and enjoy with milk or dairy alternative, yoghurt or fresh fruit. It also makes a satisfying snack in between meals. 

Products may contain trace amounts other ingredients if produced in a mixed environment. For allergens, see ingredients in bold.

Concentrated oat bran (50%), corn flour, sucrose, barley malt extract, salt, vanilla flavouring. For allergens, see ingredients in bold.

Does have OatWell™ Scientific Approval?
OatWell™ has been subjected to many scientific studies and has been recognised by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), which has officially confirmed oat beta-glucan’s health-promoting effects (EFSA Journal 2010;8(12):1885).  Following an application from the OatWell® manufacturer, the EU Commission has given final authorization on the oat beta-glucan disease risk reduction health claim and published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 15 November 2011 (Commission Regulation (EU) NO 1160/2011).

What is cholesterol?
What is cholesterol? Cholesterol is a natural part of our body. It is a fat-like substance which is largely produced by the body itself. There are 2 sources of cholesterol: 1) the liver , which produces around 1 gram of cholesterol per day  and 2) the diet. Cholesterol is used to form cell membranes, important hormones, bile acid and vitamin D, which is important for the bones.  Too much cholesterol in the blood, however, is a major risk factor for arteriosclerosis (hardening of the arteries). This increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as angina pectoris, heart attacks, strokes or circulatory problems.

There are two types of cholesterol in the body: LDL & HDL.

  • LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein-Cholesterol) – also called “bad” cholesterol – becomes deposited in the arteries and promotes the process of arteriosclerosis.
  • HDL (High Density Lipoprotein-Cholesterol) – also called “good” cholesterol – helps get rid of excessive cholesterol.

Triglycerides (so called neutral fats) in the blood can also promote arteriosclerosis.  It is therefore important not only to measure the total cholesterol level, but to be aware of the LDL and HDL cholesterol ratios and the triglyceride level in the blood.  OatWell™ is proven to reduce the “bad” LDL cholesterol without affecting the “good” HDL cholesterol. All the OatWell™ products contain a high percentage of beta-glucan.

What is Oat Beta-Glucan?
Oats have a soft kernel. The protective hull is not edible and makes up 25% of the grain. The hull is removed before processing. The remaining oat kernel contains large quantities of protein, soluble dietary fibres (oat beta-glucan) and unsaturated fatty acids, as well as several vitamins and minerals.  In an oat grain, these soluble fibres are naturally present at a particularly high level.  More than 100 scientific studies have proven the positive effects of oat beta-glucan. The effect oat beta-glucan has on cholesterol levels was first discovered in the 1960s and has been continually researched since.  The OatWell™ range of products are especially high in oat beta-glucan, and should be an important part of every food plan.

What are the health benefits of OatWell™?

1) Cholesterol Control
The OatWell™ products supply oat beta-glucan which has been proven to reduce blood cholesterol levels through the following mechanism: Beta-glucan in the soluble dietary fibres of the oats splits once in the digestive tract, creating a gel which binds with cholesterol-rich bile acids secreted into the gut to digest food. The re-absorption of these “trapped” bile acids is reduced, the production of new bile acids from body cholesterol is promoted and the uptake of cholesterol into the blood stream is reduced. The bad cholesterol (LDL) is ‘caught’ without affecting the good cholesterol (HDL).

2) Digestive Health
Oat beta-glucan is a soluble fibre which is responsible for increasing the viscosity of the gut and increasing the transit time of the stool through the bowel. This goes a long way to promoting healthy functioning of the gut.

3) Reduced Blood Sugar Peaks After a Meal
Oat beta-glucan slows down the rise in blood sugar levels after a meal and delays the lowering of the blood sugar level to the pre-meal level. When the beta-glucan is digested, a gel forms which makes the contents of the stomach and the small intestine more viscous. Digestion is thus slowed, the uptake of carbohydrates into the blood stream takes longer, and sudden fluctuations in the blood sugar levels are prevented.

How do I incorporate OatWell™ into my diet?
To ensure maximum benefits from oat beta- glucan, you need to consume one serving of OatWell™ each day. To help you, we have formulated the OatWell™ range to fit easily into your daily routine.  OatWell™ Original is a highly versatile product.  Simply sprinkle 2 heaped teaspoons of OatWell™ Original onto breakfast cereal or porridge, add to muesli, mix into yoghurt or even blend with milk or fruit juice. You can also add OatWell™ Original to baking, such as bread, muffins and pancakes.  OatWell™ Crispy Hearts are perfect for breakfast or as an on-the-go snack. Keep them in your car, office or bag to ensure you have a healthy snack that satisfies a rumbling tummy, whilst delivering your essential daily dose of cholesterol-fighting oat beta-glucan.

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