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Bach Flower Remedies


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Mixing Bottle (30ml) for Bach Flower Remedies (empty).  More than one Bach flower Remedy may be suitable for your situation.

You can combine up to 7 remedies if necessary. Add 2 drops of each essence (up to a maximum of 7 essences) into a mixing bottle with some still mineral water. Take 4 drops 4 times a day. A teaspoon of cider vinegar or brandy may be added to the remedy as a preservative. 

Key Benefits of Bach™ Original Flower Essences:

  • Bach™ Original Flower Essences are gentle, and easy to use
  • They come in a handy, portable dropper bottle
  • 400 uses per pack (20ml)

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What are the Bach™ Original Flower Remedies?
The Bach™ Original Flower Remedies were developed in the 20's and 30's by Dr Edward Bach in England.  They are a system of 38 essences, which capture the positive potential of the plants they’re created from, which Dr Bach believed offered a holistic approach to achieving emotional balance. The 38 flower essences Bach discovered are made from a variety of wild plants, trees, and bushes. Each one relates to a specific emotion that we all experience from time to time. This wonderfully gentle system is designed so that the essences can be tailored to meet each person’s individual needs, so they can be taken alone or in combination.  For over 80 years people from around the world have been using Bach™ Original Flower Remedies.

How do I use the Bach™ Original Flower Remedies?
Bach™ Original Flower Remedies are flower essences you can take in a variety of ways…

  • Straight from the bottle - Each Bach essence is ready to be taken straight from the bottle, simply apply two drops directly to your tongue when required.
  • Mix with water - Whether it is Chicory or Elm or Pine or Walnut you’re using, you can add two drops of your selected essence or essences into a glass of still water, and sip at intervals.
  • Personal Mixes - Bach essences can be mixed to create your own personal combination. Add 2 drops of each essence (maximum of 7 essences) to a mixing bottle containing still spring water; take 4 drops 4 times a day. Your personal mix can last between two and three weeks if you keep it in the fridge. However, if you wish to carry your personal mix around with you, add one teaspoon of brandy to the mixing bottle prior to adding the water to help preserve it. Cider vinegar or glycerine can also be substituted for brandy.

How Many Bach™ Essences Can I Mix at One Time?
Dr Bach would often tailor mixes of essences, recommending up to 7 essences be combined into a personal mix.

Can Bach™ Essences be added to water?
The essences are easy to take.  

  • For immediate use you can take the essences undiluted direct from the stock bottle. Just drip two drops on your tongue, and repeat as necessary.
  •  Add two drops of each chosen essence into a drink of your choice.
  • For combination use, add 2 drops of each essence (maximum 7 essences) into a mixing bottle with some water, and take 4 drops, 4 times a day.

Are the flowers from Dr Bach's garden?
Bach™ Original Flower Remedies is the only brand that sources its flowers and plants from the gardens at Mount Vernon (known today as The Bach Centre), and other sites identified by Dr Bach. When you are purchasing Bach™ Original Flower Remedies, always look for the Bach signature, a guarantee of quality.  Mount Vernon is the site where Edward Bach completed his work and, like then, his gardens are host to the majority of flower essences still used today.  The flower essence tinctures collected in Mount Vernon are then transported to our manufacturing facilities in Wimbledon, London where they are diluted in grape alcohol, bottled and distributed around the world.

Why is there alcohol in Bach™ Original Flower Remedies?
The Bach™ Original Flower Remedies bottles contain grape alcohol as a preservative, this goes back to the original methods used by Dr Bach in the 1930s.

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