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Margaret Dabbs London, Toenail Clippers are top quality, professional grade, easy to use, stainless steel nail clippers designed to maintain sharpness and precision for effortless toenail cutting while at-home pedicuring. The curved blades of these toenail clippers are designed for easy nail shaping and the comfortable to-use grip provides smooth, controlled cutting of even the most thickened and difficult nails. Durable, elegant and exceptionally long lasting.

Directions: To use, lift the clip which is attached to the handle into place towards the base of the clipper so that it forms a “spring” action when the handles are pressed together. Position the clipper in your hand between your thumb and your index finger and close your hand around it for the best grip. Hold the toe nail clipper with the flat side closest to the nail and the curved side of the clipper furthest away. Carefully align the flat side of the blades so they intersect the nail and apply pressure. If the nail is very long repeat the cut taking just a small amount off at a time.  Always cut toenails straight across and soften edges if necessary, with a crystal nail file. If the nail is very thick you can apply additional pressure over the top of the blade. Always wash and dry nail clipper after use and store safely.

CAUTION: Do not cut too close to the skin. Never cut the toenails too short. Keep out of reach of children.

Product Code: MDS0024


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