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Sarah Chapman's Facial Lift: Facial Lift is a precision massage tool that will reshape, refine, firm and tone the face and neck.

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Renowned for her signature facial, Sarah Chapman's precision massage technique incorporates a carefully honed series of movements to oxygenate cells and carry nutrients to the skin imparting a youthful rosy glow within minutes. Tension is released from the jaw and lymphatic drainage is improved, delivering a dramatically lifting and firming effect.

  • The Facialift incorporates eight massage heads with 48 nodules that, when gently pulled across the face, reshape, refine, and tone the skin
  • Imitating swift movements of fingertips and knuckles, The Facialift drains toxins, reduces puffiness, and boosts blood circulation to bring nutrients and oxygen to the skin


  • Push and roll the Facialift from chin to ears and cheeks to ears allowing the wishbone to separate on each side of the jaw.
  • Push and roll either side of the neck.
  • Holding the rollers together use the flat disc tapper at the opposite end to tap all over the face to plump and increase blood flow.

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Product Code: SRH0002

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