Emergency Kit



The Emergency Kit is particularly useful as a first-aid flower essence kit when challenging situations occur.

Emergency Kit contains:

Emergency Rescue: Galvanises forces to deal with shock, crisis and trauma. Supports inner strength to cope with emergency situations with courage and calm.

Calm & Relax: Supports calmness of mind and emotions especially after feeling stressed, nervy, worried, over-extended, panicky or so wound up that sleep is impossible.

Dynamic Recovery: Encourages energy conservation especially after tiredness, exhaustion, low adrenal energy with an inability to get going again. Supports recuperation after ill-health.

Suggested Use - The essences in the Emergency Kit are designed to be used frequently. Emergency Rescue especially should be taken, seven drops orally, every fifteen minutes to half an hour in acute situations and then continued as often as required. Calm & Relax is supportive taken frequently in panic and nervous stress situations or at night for simply being too wound up. Dynamic Recovery should be taken, seven drops orally, as often as needed when one is stretched beyond the point of exhaustion and energy reserves are needed to meet challenges.

Emergency Kit contains 25ml each of Emergency Rescue, Calm & Rescue and Dymanic Recovery.

Product Code: FEA0012

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